How to replace a broken tile?

How to replace a broken tile?

Tiling is a tricky task that needs to be handled by a professional. However, tasks such as replacing a broken tile can be done by anyone. If you have enough time, you don’t need to hire a professional tiling specialist to replace a broken floor or wall tile. However, you need some information to professionally remove and replace broken tiles. Here are DIY tips to help you perfectly replace broken ceramic tiles.

First, before you replace a broken tile, you need a couple of tools that will help make the work easier. The items include a grout rake, trimming knife, hammer, dustpan and replacement tiles. You can get these tools at any tiling shop near you. When shopping for a replacement tile, always ensure that it is similar to the broken tile in color, design and size.

How to remove a broken tile

Before you replace broken tiles, you have to remove them first. Using the grout rake, remove the grout in the tile area and then use the trimming knife to make a groove in the grout. You can as well use a hammer or the trimming knife to remove any remaining mastic. Throughout the procedure, make sure to remove the broken tile slowly and carefully in order to avoid damaging any of the remaining tiles. Once you have removed the broken tile successfully, it is now time to replace it.

How to replace a broken ceramic tile

Place your replacement tile to the tile space and ensure that it fits well. Clean the area around the tile with a dustpan and use your adhesive spreader to apply adhesive at the back of the replacement tile(s). Carefully put the replacement tile into place, ensuring that it fits well on all corners and sides.

Once you are satisfied with the position of your tile, clean the adhesive from the tile as well as the surrounding areas. Use tile spacers to space the replacement tiles evenly with the rest of the tiles. Leave the replaced tile in the same position for about 24 hours.

By the next day, the tile will be fixed securely in its rightful position. Remove the tile spaces and apply grout with a grout rake. A plastic grouting tool is efficient for smoothening it. Afterwards, use a damp sponge to clean up the area. You floor or wall now looks perfect with the replaced tile.

It is advisable to take safety measures to avoid breaking more tiles. These measures also protect you from harming yourself. Overall, replacing a broken or loose tile is a simple task that you can easily handle effectively on your own.


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