5 Essential Tools Needed When Installing Tiles

5 Essential Tools Needed When Installing Tiles

There are several tiling tools you need when installing tiles. Whether it is for a DIY, or you are a professional tiling specialist, you need these essential tiling tools to successfully install your tiles. However, before you begin seeking the tools you need, it is best that you understand the necessary precautions and safety measures. First, take enough care to avoid damaging your tiles. You should also handle tiling tools with care so that you do not harm yourself. Here are important tools that you will need when installing tiles.
1. Layout and Design Tools

Layout tools are those you need to plan how you will install tiles in any area. Whether it’s the floor or wall, you need these tools to effectively plan and estimate the number of tiles needed in the entire area. They include a bubble level and a speed square, which ensure the intersecting lines are level and accurately angled. Other tools include a tape measure and chalk box, that are used to draw tile rows on your floor or wall.
2. Tile Cutting Tools

The most important tile-cutting tool is the trowel. Trowels appear in different sizes and are also used to apply tile glue. Small tiles require small-notch trowels while large tiles require large-notch trowels.
Wet saws are used to cut tiles to the preferred size. The sizes may defer depending on the area you want to place your tile.

Tile spacers are T-shaped tools that are used between tiles to ensure even tile spacing. Ideally, use two plastic tile spacers on individual tiles on all sides.

3. Grout Tools

Grout rake- This tool is used to spread grout in between individual tiles on all sides. Always be careful not to apply the grout on the tiles.

4. Cleaning Tools

The most famous cleaning tool is a silicone sponge. This sponge is used to clean any unnecessary grout applied on the tiles. You should wipe out the excess grout on the tiles immediately you apply grout. Make sure you frequently rinse your large silicone sponge with water before wiping out the excess grout.

5. Finishing Tools

To achieve a desired finish, you need a large bucket full of water. Rinse your sponge into the water and use it to clean your installed tiles.
These are the essential tiling tools you shouldn’t miss. Whenever you want to install tiles, always make sure that these tools are in place. You can buy or hire some of them. However, it is recommended that you purchase your own tools to save time and money.


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